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Coconut oil is primarily used while cooking food in Kerala, Southern India. Known for its anti-viral, antibacterial quality and anti-inflammatory benefits coconut oil can be in cold-pressed or refined form. Cold pressed coconut oil has flavor and retains anti-oxidants.

Massaging with coconut oil assists in improving blood circulation, lubricates the internal organs, joints and bones, improve quality of sleep, adds moisture and makes the skin supple and smooth.

The age-old practice of oil pulling using coconut oil helps to combat harmful bacteria, reduces bad breath, prevent dental cavities and promotes gum health.

Almost all the calories in coconut oil come from fat which may sound quite scary, but fat is also one of the essential macronutrients required to perform several bodily functions. Fat is essential to assimilate fat-soluble vitamins, produce hormones, guard the organs and maintain the body temperature within the normal range.



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